Neuromagic; flow with me
February 26, 2016

More productive, creative and happier is what I can make you and your office in one simple step. Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not. What I’m about to share with you is not a piece of revolutionary technology, nor is it a bullshit new agey routine but something that is fundamentally human and every single person can achieve.

In early 2015 I watched this video from Steven Kotler and the Big Think channel about Flow. The content of the video really resonated with me and so I did what anyone does these days, searched for Steven on social media and sent him a tweet saying I really enjoyed the video. Since then we have had various lengthy Skype sessions talking about our ideas and how they might cross over. Thus began my journey in to the world of neuroscience and magic, or neuromagic as it’s now known.

Flow, as described by Steven in the video linked above is “an optimal state of consciousness. A state of consciousness where we feel our best and perform our best“. For a short time in a flow state your bodies output is increased exponentially, making you not only more aware, more productive and more focused mentally but also responsible for faster reaction times and pushing physical limits. You can see why this is interesting and the application of flow in the business world, whether for billion pound organisations or start-up’s has potential to drastically improve the workplace.

Why am I, a magician talking about neuroscience and flow states? Because a simple way to hack this is through magic. Magic (good magic at least) pulls peoples attention in to a vortex of focus, completely absorbing their mind in to a single moment. In this moment the prefrontal cortex (the part of the brain that constantly nags us) is blinkered. Simply, this means that the audience forget about their worries like the cleaning that needs to be done, the bills that have to be paid and the Facebook friend requests that have to be accepted or deleted. After this moment of intense focus comes a release in the form of the “magic moment” that wow’s everyone. This moment provides positive, rewarding neural chemicals that can reset someones mood and attitude, for the better.

I was invited to give a keynote about neuromagic and perception at Toucan’s The NEST conference earlier this month. You can watch the video below:

At the beginning of this article I said that there is one simple step to help hack flow to make employees and colleagues more productive, creative and happier in the workplace. That simple step is by hiring a magician. I’m not asking you to hire myself (although it is recommended) but hire a good magician to give a short performance in the office on Monday/Tuesday morning or lunch time. People appreciate these gestures and this is why offices such as Google and Facebook create amazing working environments because ultimately it pays dividends to have a happy and healthy work force, especially those in a flow state!

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