Why Big Companies Are £#^!$
October 28, 2016

I have a thrilling tale for Halloween this year. A story about the moment I realised corporate agenda cares for nothing. The business in question will remain anonymous for legal reasons but I’m going to refer to them as Morgue-an Stanley. It’s appropriate for their soulless approach to business. Read on to hear what happened.It’s no secret that I started Scott Perry Magic with the support of the Prince’s Trust charity and the charity continues to support their business start-up’s in to the future. In my case they occasionally request my services for their events. Not too long ago I agreed to support one of the fundraising events Morgue-an Stanley was holding to raise money for the Prince’s trust. Morgue-an Stanley are a big supporter of the Prince’s Trust and so they offered to pay the handsome sum of £0 for my services. My expenses were covered though, for which I was grateful. I took the picture below while showing all guests magic on stage. As you can see, there were hundreds of people attending this event at Morgue-an Stanleys office in Canary Wharf, London.Scott Perry Magic Morgan Stanley

I had agreed to provide entertainment to support the Prince’s Trust and help raise more money by adding value to the event. I spoke briefly about how the support of the Prince’s Trust changed my life and received great feedback for my performance at the dinner. so much so that Morgue-an Stanley later emailed me to ask if I would like to entertain at their Christmas party. I said of course, I would love to. Included in the email was a quote for my professional services. A quote that helps my Prince’s Trust supported business continue to operate and grow, providing industry leading services worldwide. Morgue-an Stanley, a multi-billion pound company, that says it supports the Prince’s Trust offered yet again offered me a generous £0. Instead they said rather than paying for my services, it would be a good opportunity. As any entrepreneur knows, HMRC let’s us pay our taxes with “good opportunities”.

I couldn’t believe it. A company that boasts it’s support for young people like myself who come through the Prince’s Trust were kicking me in the teeth after I already donated my services for free to help them raise money to support more young people. I politely declined the “opportunity to network”. This was a monumental moment of realisation for me as an entrepreneur and I haven’t heard from them since.

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