Golden Opportunities
November 11, 2016

If you read my previous blog post you will know that I attended a star studded event at London’s Savoy hotel. In my previous blog entry I wrote about playing with things I shouldn’t of and a run in with Joanna Lumley. In this blog post I’m going to tell you how I became the first magician, rightly or wrongly to do something for royalty. As HRH Prince Charles was wrapping up his speech to some of London’s wealthiest individuals and renowned celebrities I was one of the five people asked to speak with him on his way out. To fully explain what happened next I need to take you back 1 year before the event when I was invited to one of Prince Charles private receptions at Clarence House where I met him for the first time. What I really wanted to do was set my wallet on fire, by magic, not like a crazy person and hand the prince a business card. I was warned two things before the reception, no fire and don’t hand Charles anything. I didn’t want to cause a scene so did what I was told and performed something else. Later, I told Kenny and Gabby Logan about my plan, to which they responded “oh you have to show him that!” but by this point Charles was departing the reception.

Scott Perry HRH Prince Charles

Now back to the Savoy. Having previously caved to the pressure this time I was determined to show Prince Charles what I had originally intended. After saying hello Charles moved on to greet the next guest when I asked if he would like to see some magic. He said yes and I pulled out my wallet, set it on fire (pictured below)


Held my wallet in my left hand to allow a business card to magically levitate across to my awaiting right hand and handed him my business card.


Below is an image showing HRH Prince Charles leaving, holding on to my business card

And I’ve never been asked to perform for him again since.