Getting The Most Out Of Magic
February 14, 2017

History tells us that magicians have been employed to bewilder and enthral audiences since ancient Egyptian times and through the ages magicians have been seen everywhere, from public spectacles escaping safes thrown in to rivers to world famous stages but there is one style of performance that still maintains the most intense experience. Read on to find out which style that is…

In the 21st century magic is a very popular means of entertainment at weddings, birthdays, corporate functions and many other occasions but the one style of performance that still to this day provides the best experience remains small soirèes with a more intimate feel. It could be a house warming, a dinner party or just a few friends getting together. Below is footage of me performing at a small dinner party in Barcelona in 2017. No distractions. No smoke and mirrors. Just a pure and personal experience of magic.

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