We Don’t Like People Like You
March 12, 2017

I’ve spoken before on this blog about the perception and stereotype of a magician but recently I visited Headrow House in Leeds and what they said about magicians was unbelievable! Read on to find out more.

I struggle every single day persuading people that magic is actually an excellent service to compliment all kinds of events at a variety of venues and settings. Back in December I was hired to provide entertainment at the Christmas party of a large travel company and when I approach a group of four people, asking if they’d like to see some magic one of them instantly walked away saying “I don’t like magic”. That left three hesitant guests unsure of whether they wanted to see anything but I said to them that I will just show them one thing and if they don’t enjoy it then I’ll leave them alone for the rest of the evening to enjoy the event. They agreed and were very surprised, saying that they really enjoyed what I showed them and they asked for more! I ended up spending 10 minutes with the group and converted them to lovers of magic. Those are the kind of hurdles I face daily as a professional magician but when I visited Headrow House when having a drink with friends and asked them if they’ve ever had a magician or even considered the idea I couldn’t believe their response. In the below video I tell the story of the girls unbelievable response and go on to explain how magic has the ability to cater for all kinds of events.