Changes At Scott Perry Magic
April 18, 2017

Reinvention. Madonna did it. Apple did it. Robert Downey Jr did it. Now I’m doing it. Every now and then it’s important to evaluate where we’re heading, where we’ve been and why. With that in mind, it’s time to shake things up here at Scott Perry Magic.

Five years ago when I started Scott Perry Magic the goal was to become a celebrity magician with my own TV show. After amassing much experience working with celebrities and on national television the vision has changed. I’ve always wanted to offer the best possible entertainment service to events, which I do but I’ve longed to create interesting content that people enjoy watching or reading. Teaching magic or exposing secrets on YouTube has never been of interest to me but I’ve tested the waters on YouTube with the Life Of A Magician Vlog, that I found too intrusive on my life plus I simply can’t record at a lot of the places I work and more recently an episodic vlog answering the many questions I’m asked about magic on a regular basis with the A Magic Vlog series.

After a few years of trial and error I’m starting to find what you’re enjoying the most and how I can effectively create it without doing a degree in video production. With questions being asked all the time about my magic and experiences I’m slowly building up exciting content for YouTube and planning to schedule more soon. I recommend going there now and subscribing (click here) so that you don’t miss out. I’m also very active on Facebook and Instagram, for both event enquiries and creating unique content.

All in all, in the past I’ve tried keeping up with social media by rushing content and sharing it so that you see my name in your news feed but now the focus is on creating better quality posts, even if that means posting less often. I hope that you continue to support Scott Perry Magic ventures. I can’t wait to start sharing more videos.