The Best Magic Trick On AGT Ever!
June 3, 2017

After the recent success of Will Tsai’s performance on American’s Got Talent and various friends tagging me in the video on social media it’s important to tell you that what you are seeing is a total lie and it’s everything that is wrong with Got Talent shows.

Firstly, for those of you who haven’t seen Will’s unbelievably successful performance on AGT, you can watch it below.


The first thing that you need to know about Got Talent shows is that they scout acts and equally, already successful performers create acts just for that show. Britains Got Talent winner 2016, Richard Jones worked with a small team of magicians to curate magic that will translate well to television and also pull at heart strings. I know this because in previous years I’ve been one of the magicians who received calls from BGT asking if I will audition.

It all started with a young magician on America’s Got Talent called Collins Key, who was a great success. After that Got Talent programs stopped making fun of magicians and started looking for more serious close-up magicians to feature on the show as they realised the general public actually quite like watching good close-up magic.

Now here’s the crucial thing, what Will performs in the video above is fake. What I mean by that is that there is almost no skill involved at all and the table does everything. That is not magic. That is called having a cool piece of technology and pretending to be more talented than he is.

What makes this worse is that Simon Cowell says this is the best magic act ever on America’s Got Talent, which shows how little Simon, the main man for the biggest entertainment program on the planet knows about entertainment. Saying that Will Tsai’s act is the best magic act ever on AGT is like saying a singer with a pre-recorded audio track lip syncing is the best singer ever.

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