July 18, 2017

Many know about the success I’ve had with Scott Perry Magic but few know about where that success came from. This blog entry is dedicated to a great contributing factor to this success. You’re going to find this interesting so don’t stop here, carry on reading.

After long term unemployment my life was drastically changed by founding Scott Perry Magic near the end of a recession in the UK economy. It wasn’t a wise choice to begin the journey of entrepreneurship at this time but it was certainly better than my alternative. I remember it very clearly. The JobCenter referred me to the Prince’s Trust Team Programme, a short course designed to help improve basic work skills and confidence for people aged 18-30. At my interview the Prince’s Trust employee noticed that I didn’t lack the skills they help improve and said that there wasn’t much the programme could offer me except for being an example to other people but the next thing he said was quite literally one of the single biggest life changing moments of my adulthood. Noticing that I was playing with a deck of cards he recommended the Prince’s Trust Enterprise Programme, a 4 day workshop to educate budding entrepreneurs on starting and running a business.

On my course in Lincoln there was a young girl who wanted to create custom mail order cosmetics, an incredibly talented artist and various other aspiring entrepreneurs. A local businessman joined us one day, a representative from HMRC on another day and then the main person leading the workshops. It wasn’t perfect, but it was enough to create a spark.

I can’t, nor am I sure that I will ever be able to explain how much that week has changed my life from a long term unemployed, benefit claiming youth with no future to a young businessman who is now, 5 years on, still running a successful business as one of the UK’s best magicians and exploring other ventures as a bonafide entrepreneur.

For the great (and continuing) efforts made by the Prince’s Trust charity I’m dedicating this blog to them and all Prince’s Trust supported businesses, asking them to add the hashtag #PrincesTrustSupported to their social media to show you how many lives have been changed. Whether on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, search #PrincesTrustSupported and see what you find. Perhaps it will surprise you.