Lost Village Festival 2017
September 11, 2017

Once per year the gates are opened. Select guests are welcomed to experience a place like no other. This year, the third Lost Village Festival was particularly special. Read on to find out why…

Having been a part of the Lost Village Festival experience since it’s inaugural year I was excited to see how much it had grown in 2017. I knew that the village had been expanded and that the 5,000 more tickets had been sold compared to last year but I never imagined how much more there was to it.

This was my first year as a creative consultant creating unique magic for some of the characters of Lost Village, spending time training them to give guests the ultimate magically immersive experience. On top of that, while on site at Lost Village the Scott Perry Magic Facebook page reached 1,000 likes! Something that was on my list of goals this year so thank you for the support.

Here’s a video showing some of the festival before the gates opened and during. Enjoy.

P.s, huge congratulations and thank you to Zest Theatre, who worked so hard on the festival and helped my creations comes to life.