Best Wedding Photographer I’ve Ever Seen
October 8, 2017

As one of the UK’s top magicians I’m hired to entertain at quite a few weddings each year. Some of them are spectacularly grand and others are more modest celebrations but when planning a wedding, just like entertainment, it’s very important to choose the right person to capture the day. Enter, Sarah Ellen Bailey.Over the years I’ve received wedding pictures of my performances ranging from terrible quality up to so good they belong in art exhibitions rather than a wedding photo album. This year I was hired to provide entertainment for a wedding at Allington Manor, which was a terrific wedding.

One thing I try to do before dazzling wedding guests is speak to the photographer, not just for myself but also so that my clients have fantastic pictures of their guests enjoying the magic they’ve paid for. In the brief conversation with the photographer I establish where we’ll be and if I can do anything to accommodate them capturing the moment.

At this wedding in particular I knew that the photographer had great equipment and a creative streak compared to more generic wedding photographers from the equipment they were carrying like a stabilising harness. Magic is a very difficult thing to capture well on film or in a picture so I never know whether I’ll end up with blurry pictures of a boring moment asking a question or if the pictures will be of that brief moment when the magic happens and everyones faces freeze in disbelief. It’s a fine line where just a couple of seconds too soon or late will drastically change the quality of the image(s).

I was blown away by the pictures from the wedding in question. From the depth of field to the editing and timing, they’re some of the best wedding pictures I’ve ever received.

You see from the images above, it’s all about capturing the moment. To capture the right moments on your special day contact Sarah Ellen Bailey Photography (