The Truth About Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey & Showbiz
October 30, 2017

One of the most talked about stories in the news at the moment is the sex scandals in showbiz. The coming forward of many big name celebrities started after allegations against Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein. I’ve met Spacey, along with many other A-list celebrities and not long ago a very famous person told me all about Weinstein and how Hollywood works. Now I’m going to tell you.I first met Kevin Spacey in 2011 at a private performance of Romeo & Juliet by Nathan Darrow (featuring Kevin) at Harlaxton Manor (pictured below).

It’s a moment I’ll never forget because it’s the first moment in my life when I met someone (Kevin) who was effortlessly charismatic, respectful and kind. Another reason is because I magically turned lottery tickets in to £5 notes and Kevin, looking rather unimpressed asked why I didn’t change them in to fifties. A year or so later a picture emerged in OK! Magazine of Dynamo performing the same magic trick to Prince Charles with Kevin in line next to them looking astounded. The difference in reaction always puzzled me.

Fast forward 5 years and I’m in the Hilton bar on Park Lane with a very well known celebrity who is telling me all about Harvey Weinstein and the price celebrities must pay for the opportunity to be superstars, a year before it comes out in mainstream media. I took the stories this celebrity told me about the control in Hollywood with a pinch of salt but it appears that there was much truth in it.

After leaving the Hilton this celebrity offered to put me up in a hotel room for the night. Since I was supposed to leave London hours ago and stayed because they insisted on introducing me to a stunning Swedish lady at Gordan Ramsay’s Maze restaurant, I gratefully accepted. We went back to this persons hotel but the rooms were fully booked (even the “presidential” suite that they tried booking for me) and so we talked until the early hours of the morning about magic, my ideas, showbiz and life while looking for another hotel option for me.

In short, about 3am the person unexpectedly took all their clothes off in the hotel room and said if I do the same it will be the strongest bond two people can have. I politely declined and took a taxi immediately to my hotel by Kings Cross as I had a train rebooked for 7am. The following day I received a text message saying that if I had removed my clothes and touched their genitals it would have been the most honest version of ourselves.

Sometimes I wonder if that was my moment to be inducted in to Hollywood and if I had obliged to remove my clothes, if it would of stopped there. If I can experience this on a chance meeting with a well known figure one night in London then I can only imagine what happens in the closed power circles of Hollywood.

Not to say this happens to everyone who is famous but it does deter me from pursuing ideas in TV and film.

Stand up. Speak up. It’s a brave new world.