International Women In Magic Day
March 8, 2018

Magic. Still to this day a male dominated profession. However, there have been and still are some women in magic. Some of which may surprise you. Read on to discover the magical women of the world.

My experience of magic from a 12 year old boy has been sitting in a room full of 40 – 70yr old, slightly peculiar men who at some point in their lives became fascinated by magic tricks. That being said, there have been a variety of women in magic that have all left a lasting impression on my life and it’s surprising how few women there are in the world of magic. Here is a list of some terrific, fabulous, interesting and successful female magicians that absolutely deserve recognition and what better day to speak of them than #InternationalWomensDay.

Mandy Davis

Heavily involved with the prestigious Magic Circle and the first female magician in my life was Mandy. Once chairman of the Young Magicians Club, a youth initiative programme run by the Magic Circle. I remember my visits to the Magic Circle HQ in London and always being excited to see her. She always added so much to the meetings as the host and offered all of us teenage boys (mostly) a wealth of showbiz experience. Further to that, Mandy is an accomplished magician in her own right working with both adults and children.

Juliana Chen

I still remember seeing Juliana Chen for the first time. Her talent was captivating. Most well known for her unbelievable act(s) on stage to music Juliana is a master magician from China but has performed across the world with a rich history in the arts. I read an article some time ago saying that she’d decided to retire from being a performing artist and began working on production but a quick search on YouTube and you can enjoy her unbelievable talent.

Fay Presto

Where to start with Fay. Fay has such an interesting life story and for a long time was the magician for any party in London. Still to this day at events in London someone will say to me “do you know Fay Presto?”. As well as having a powerful presence and unique style Fay contributed heavily to popularising close-up magic at events decades ago. Like Mandy, meeting Fay at an early age certainly contributed to my love of magic and provided inspiration. If you’re ever at dinner in London and there’s a playing card on the ceiling, it was probably Fay.

Charlotte Pendragon

Half of the hugely successful act, The Pendragons, Charlotte was a bit of a magic cliche but in all the right ways. My first encounter was on a TV show called “Worlds Greatest Magic” and then again in person. The Pendragons will forever be recognised in magic for performing the fastest metamorphosis (stage illusion) where they change places in fractions of a second. A little outdated now in 2018 but still impressive. Charlotte wasn’t just a magicians assistant, she was an inspiration who set high standards.

Debbie Mcgee

Last but not least, a British treasure. Although Debbie’s success in life has often been overshadowed by the late Paul Daniels, whom she was married to for many years, she is a very impressive lady. Debbie, probably more than anyone else is the first lady of magic for me and I still remember my parents taking me to see Paul Daniels at Newark Theatre where after the show Debbie was there alongside Paul speaking to everyone buying something or asking for an autograph. Debbie’s kindness is something that I will never forget.

So there you have it. Magic isn’t all about socially inept, creepy old men and I’ll leave you with this gem. Marilyn Monroe was once a magicians assistant.