Yorkshire Women of Achievement Awards
July 5, 2018

How does a thirty something male, born in London and raised in Lincolnshire end up at Sue Ryders Yorkshire Women of Achievement Awards? Let me tell you.

I was hired to add something special to a business event some months ago called “When you network, the magic happens” and met a lady (Paula) exhibiting with a stand for Sue Ryder Wheatfields. At the time I wasn’t aware of what the charity did but Paula noticed the reactions to my magic from attendees and sparked a conversation.

We spoke briefly and she mentioned that the charity has a fundraiser each year. She expressed interest in having me there and we proceeded with the obligatory exchange of business cards.

I received the booking request to provide entertainment at the awards being held at the Royal Armouries in Leeds and a short time later found myself arriving to the event. Prior to arriving I had no idea how important and amazing the event is.

Crucial money is raised for Sue Ryder Wheatfields hospice and some celebrities were in attendance, too. Notably Kay Mellor and Corinne Bailey Rae (who was awarded the Yorkshire Rose).

Corinne was very nice; cool as a cucumber some might say but overall everyone in attendance were lovely and it was such an uplifting event, particularly for recognising women in ways that perhaps have been dismissed or brushed over in the past.

(Picture above courtesy of David Charles – Spot the magician)

Since the event I have been rebooked for next years awards, which I’m delighted to attend again and after getting a better understanding of what Sue Ryder Wheatfields Hospice does, I’m now in the process of becoming a volunteer.

As Sure Ryder has taught me; there will be plenty of hard times but there is always hope and more importantly, help.