My First Book
July 25, 2018

Many successful people have said that readers are leaders and a large proportion of prolific entrepreneurs say that reading is essential, not just for business but also in our personal lives. For the first time, at 31 years old, I finished reading a book cover to cover. Now I’m going to prison.

Throughout the year, over hundreds of events I get to meet thousands of people and occasionally I’ll meet someone who leaves a lasting impression. The person in question on this occasion is a man called Duane Jackson. On the street you wouldn’t know him from anyone else and yet he’s influenced tens of thousands of lives. He isn’t famous as such but has thousands of followers. He spent years in prison yet isn’t really a criminal. I actually don’t recall which event I met Duane at but I do know that it was one of the star-studded events with royalty where he saw some of my magic and subsequently hired me for one of his private events.

After recently spending time showing the people of a high security young offenders institution magic Duane’s book, “4,000 Days” has got me thinking. In one chapter Duane describes the monotony of prison life and that absolutely anything to break the act of “doing time” is very much welcomed on the inside. The combination of the young offenders experience along with Duane’s depiction of prison life has me thinking that Her Majesty’s Prison Service could benefit from some magic.

There is still more research to be done but after speaking with top neuroscientists in America a strong link has been established between magic and improved health, both mentally and physically. Used in the correct way and structured properly, magic has a unique effect on the brain which acts as a hard reset, relieves stress and produces various other highly positive results.

My initial thoughts after reading Four Thousand Days is to use magic as a means of a stress coping treatment and path of social rehabilitation for criminals. While there is still much more work to be done, not to mention red tape to dance around this is just one of the ways I’m utilising magic. This same principle, applied to the corporate work place has a profound effect of productivity and metal wellbeing for staff but that’s a whole other blog post for another day…

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