Afternoon Tea With Business Mogul Lady Barbara Judge
August 7, 2018

As a magician that provides high quality services I’m often invited to high quality events and on this particular occasion I found myself having afternoon tea with someone who one week later became a hot topic in UK news. Who was it? Click read more to find out.It was 12 midday and hot. I was relaxing at home taking care of emails on my sofa in comfortable clothes when I read an email from a few days prior inviting me to afternoon tea with none other than Lady Barbara Judge, chair of the Institute of Directors at the exquisite Dakota Deluxe in Leeds. By the time I realised the that the private lunch was today! there was just 15 minutes until it started. I’d been for a run that morning so my legs were already sore but I threw on a suit and sprinted 20 minutes across the other side of the city, arriving half way through the afternoon tea with Lady Judge. One of the other directors pulled up a chair for me, I’m not sure whether to welcome me or because I was exhausted, sweating and breathless from the run over.

I was there for about 45 minutes before the afternoon tea finished and it was thoroughly enjoyable to lunch with business leaders. Not long after this Lady Judge made the headlines for certain things she allegedly said, which lead to her resignation from the position of IoD chair. Now, I don’t know Lady Judge personally but going off of what I experienced in my time with her, she is an intelligent business woman and the racial/sexist comments she allegedly made just didn’t match up. The interesting thing about the whole situation regarding this news story was that, from what I understand about Lady judge is that she tries to run a business as a business, efficiently and isn’t necessarily forgiving if changes need to be made and the headlines of her seemed unjust, favouring the side of the media outlet(s) which therefore led to her departure from the Institute of Directors.

My takeaway from this was the reinforcement that the media is a business in itself and it’s not always their agenda to represent anyone honestly but rather spreading a sellable headline, rightly or wrongly.

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