My Last Ever Blog Post, Kind Of.
March 10, 2019

I’ve always tried to bring interesting, insightful or magical content to this blog but they say text is dying. People are consuming more video content. People prefer listening to podcasts while multitasking. So, you read correctly when I said this is my last ever blog post on this website. However, on a new website is a different matter….

This, my final blog post is dedicated to where we live. Our sanctuary. The place that provides our home comforts. The place we sleep and think and dream our wildest dreams. Specifically this blog post is about 5 ways to add magic to your home. This has been inspired by my move to Leeds where I’ve spent the last year in a Rushbond development trying to make an empty apartment a place of pure relaxation and inspiration.

Why? Well, the environment in which we live feeds our bodies and minds. We live in a time where small choices can greatly influence our mindset, overall happiness and success. With this I present to you below my current home which inspires me to create new magic and is a pleasure to spend every second in.

Below is a list of my top 5 favourite pieces of magic you can add to your home.

Smart Speaker

While I won’t encourage you to go out and purchase Amazon’s Alexa specifically, I will say that smart speakers in general are bloody brilliant. When I was growing up devices like this were only ever seen in movies and we dreamed about a future with such possibilities. Now it is a possibility and let me tell you, it makes some things really easy. Mainly I used mine to set reminders and alarms, occasionally playing music and turning lights on/off, too. Smart speakers simply save you time and make certain tasks easier.

Smart Plug

The ease of turning almost anything on/off as if by magic. Now that’s really something from the movies of past. Being able to say “Alexa, turn on the lamp” without having to go near it or bend down. Amazing! These smart plugs allow you to do that. Not only does it work like magic but also fantastic for anyone with mobility problems.


Efficient and effective storage solutions. I love having everything in it’s rightful place and let me tell you, as a magician I have a LOT of things. Tiny bits and pieces, big props, small and fragile things, expensive tools…you name it. If you’re always losing things or looking through cupboards to find something specific try looking at the storage you have in that space. Knowing exactly where to go and find something fast takes a small bit of stress out of your every day life. Trust me, it will make you feel happier, too. There’s a sense of achievement and pride in feeling organised. I wanted the draws below, which keep most of my magic organised, for quite a long time but until moving in to this Rushbond building I didn’t have the space. I may have to sell the unit when moving out of this apartment in years to come but it was a brilliant purchase.


Plants and flowers have a profound affect on us as humans, whether we notice it or not. I’m not promising a miracle that you’ll get powers like Poison Ivy but humans are animals and living in houses that we’re not biologically meant to. Any of my self-employed friends will testify to cabin fever at home. There are a LOT of plants and flowers in my home. It’s sometimes difficult to manage maintaining them with travelling but they add a certain magic and freshness to a home. Some plants also have great health benefits, such as Aloe Vera, which you should have in your bedroom or living room to help clean the air your breath. An aloe vera plant helps clear chemicals found in cleaning products and paint like formaldehyde.


When moving in to this apartment there was a clock on the wall (pictured below). It’s a trendy, vintage looking clock but the decision was made to replace it with art work (also pictured below).

It’s so important for a home to be not only a representation of ourselves but also an image of inspiration. Filled with personal touches that encourage positivity and tease our character to develop. I find artwork with sentimental value, or any object with sentimental value adds a great deal of happiness to a home. When I left the last job I had before becoming a professional magician the people bought me something called an “impossible bottle”. It’s a genuine glass bottle with a sealed deck of cards inside. It’s impossible because the cards don’t fit through the next of the bottle, making it a curious and impossible object. I cried a little bit when they gave it to me at my leaving drinks because it meant so much to me. Anyway, I always have it on my desk to look at like I am as I write this blog post. (picture below).

There you have it. Five bonafide ways to add a dash of magic to your homes and lives. I hope you enjoyed my suggestions.


P.s, this is my last ever blog post on this website, because the wizards over at SWA Design are working on a new one for me. More blog content will continue and so much more when the new website launches. Sign up to my newsletter to be the first to know, and learn a magic trick for free 😉